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About Us

About Us

Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy

We are an industry leading driver training academy committed to the development of professional drivers to serve the needs of the transportation industry in Manitoba.

  • Registered as a Private Vocational Institution Under the Private Vocational Institutions Act.
  • Licensed as a Driving School under the Highway Traffic Act.

Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. was founded as a family business in 1958.

After decades of growth and evolution, the company is now a leading North American carrier. We are a multi-generation, family-run company with dedicated staff and drivers, quality equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Arnold Bros Transportation Academy was born from a growing recognition that the industry needs an increasingly better trained workforce.

Mission | Vision | Values

MISSION — Delivering performance through responsible, innovative transport solutions.

VISION — Strengthening the supply chain by delivering the most efficient, safe and reliable transport network.

• We are honest and genuine
• We act in the interest of safety and wellness
• We are accountable for our decisions and actions
• We innovate
• We seek opportunities
• We celebrate success
• We are respectful and inclusive
• We are here for each other, our customers & suppliers

Driving Instructors

The team that helps
and supports you

The instructing and support staff at Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy brings a broad diversity of industry and educational experience. The instructors have a track record of success in developing and delivering quality instruction and coaching to students. 

Adrian Bruce
Angela Bishop
Admin Assistant
Darren Cassan
Lead PDIC/LCV Instructor
Mark Crielaard
Lead Simulator Instructor
Bill DeGroot
Driving Instructor
Gurpinder Mann
Driver Instructor
Roarke Ramsey
Driving Instructor
Daniel Reimer
Driving Instructor
Fred Stiller
Lead Classroom Instructor
Dylan Pocket
Driver Evaluator
Lisa Gudmundson
Driving Evaluator
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About the Academy

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About the Equipment

Truck & Trailers

All equipment owned & utilized within our academy either meets or exceeds all applicable standards in place and is routinely inspected as required by our regulatory bodies. All vehicles, trucks & trailers are enrolled in ABT’s vehicle preventative maintenance program with any repairs completed in house on an expedited basis.


Our student-centered training environment includes the most advanced training resources available to our industry utilizing the new J.J. Keller Online Training Portal providing our students with the most current and user-friendly experience possible.

Air Brake & Antilock Training System

Our new (2023) Air Brake & Antilock Training System by L & L Fabricating is the only training system endorsed by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. 

The Bendix EC-60 ABS/ATC/ESP Advanced System is the most advanced training system available to the transportation training industry incorporating air brake, ABS & ATC training components into one system.

 To date, ABT Academy is the only licensed training center in Canada to own and utilize this standard of technology in a formal training environment.

Driver Training Simulator

The DriveWise L3 Harris V4 simulator provides our students with a virtual multi-dimensional experience in operating a number of different vehicle classes and configurations. This is strategically designed to help them better understand the inherit environmental & mechanical risk factors they’ll experience when operating heavy trucks and more importantly, how to manage them in the safest manner possible. This is achieved all from the safe confines of our designated Simulator Training room within the Academy.