ABT Academy

Course Info

At Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy we provide training for Class 1 Professional Transport Drivers. We offer training in:

  • 244 hour Entry-Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program,
  • 121.5 hour MELT (Mandatory Entry-Level Training) course,
  • Class 3 course, and
  • Air Brake Training course.
244 HR course

Entry-Level Professional Truck Driver 244 HR Training Program

The Professional Truck Driver Training Entry-Level Program consists of 244 hours full-time over 31 business days.

Training includes:

  • 80 hours classroom instruction
  • 60 hours “Behind the Wheel” (Coupling, Backing, Driving)
  • 40 hours “Pre-trip & Air Brake” instruction
  • and 60 hours observation.

Total fees for the 244 hour course will be $9000 as of September 1, 2023.

MELT 121.5 hr Course

MELT 121.5 Hour Course
Mandatory Entry-Level Training

The MELT course consists of 121.5 hours of standardized training that covers the essential knowledge and skills to safely operate a semi-trailer truck. This mandatory training will help ensure the safety of all road users.

Training includes:

  • 40.5 hours in class,
  • 40 hours in yard and,
  • 41 hours in cab.

Mandatory training is required for drivers who want to obtain their Class 1 driver’s license.

Drivers only need to successfully complete mandatory training once – there is no need to take the training again.

Class 3

Class 3

This comprehensive training program includes Class 3 driver training for drivers to drive a single vehicle with three or more axles, or a vehicle with three or more axles towing a trailer with one or more axles (only if the trailer is not equipped with Air Brakes).

A Class 3 license will allow a driver to operate:

  •  straight-body trucks,
  • heavy equipment trucks like mixer or dump trucks,
  • tow trucks of any weight,
  • and mobile truck cranes. 
Air Brake

Air Brake Course

Our Air brake training programs include a comprehensive review & training of the inspection, operation and maintenance of single unit air brake systems.

Drivers operating vehicles with an air brake system must go through specialized training and earn certification.

Our air brake training course can be either part of a larger driver training program or a single training module.